Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tạm biệt Việt Nam

Well, we are spending our last 2.5 days in Hanoi before flying home. As I write this, I have less than 24 hours before heading back. Hanoi has been fun - we finally went to Halong Bay today.

Delicious, CRUNCHY banh xao on a side alley in Hanoi

I got glasses made ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET. Total cost - $28. It was SO COOL. Here, cutting the glasses with a pair of scissors

Sanding the glass

Finished product!

Goodbye coffee with Raaka!

Corn milk. It was good!

Spring rolls

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Wearing long sleeves so I dont get burnt - dont judge!

Inside the boat we were on

sugar cane juice

Last dinner in Vietnam

Huge "landfill" outside Hanoi. They just keep piling up the trash. Its not even covered up...

Cool view in Hanoi

Love the street vendors

My razor has Kung Fu grip!

Last dinner - Chickpea burger and Shepard's pie

Re-creating our first morning in Vietnam pics on our last morning in Vietnam. 

Re-creating our first morning in Vietnam pics on our last morning in Vietnam. 

One of our last Vietnamese coffees

Turkey Fashion, lol. They sell bikinis....

Last lunch :)

How the guys spent our last few hours - Coffee, chatting and cribbage

So, so long, Vietnam. Its been real, its been fun, and sometimes its even been Real Fun. We will miss you. Its been a blast.

Goodbye Can Tho!

Yes, saying goodbye is a very hard thing to do. On the afternoon we left the hotel for the last time, everyone gathered in the lobby to see us off - Thao, Ngoc, Di Ba, and Vinh. Kiki joined the goodbye party too :) It was a little emotional for all of us, and most of us cried. 


Saying goodbye to Kiki and Little Kitty / Buttons / Buster Brown

Thao and Ngoc seeing us off

seeing the lobby for the last time

Our last meal - vegetarian as always

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A relevant laugh

thankfully, I will not be saying this on my publication because my samples made it back to Duke! Frozen!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Last Week in Can Tho

Wow. I thought I would never type those words. It has been a long haul. Its been really great, fun, exhausting, difficult, rewarding, and so much more. I am still not really believing we are leaving, but I am beginning to come to terms. This last week was spent relaxing, working, and enjoying the town. I spent most of the day processing data and drinking Vietnamese coffee :) It takes so little to make me happy now :D. Its been great. Friday we leave for HCMC and then Hanoi. We will spend our last three days in Vietnam in Hanoi. It will be SO HARD to walk out of this hotel for the last time. Im looking forward to going home, but its always sad to see a chapter of your life end.

Playing various mind teaser games at a coffee shop with friends. Its so nice - everyone is present and relaxed. No iphones, no facebook, no email. Just friends sitting together. Love that. Going to miss that.

Silly! At Cabin Coffee - quite possibly the best coffee shop in Can Tho

Flower from James :)

Riding around town

Out playing pool with friends

Delicious food! Shrimp chips, okra, sticky rice, tofu and rice crispy covered tofu - all fried!

Yep - you can order ice coffee at the pool hall. Vietnam is awesome. And so are the pool gloves we are wearing :)

There all holes all in the carpet because people smoke and then just drop the cigs on the ground... ridiculous.

AWW! Sad heart doughnut...

At Miss Donuts - they have western desserts!!

Our favorite lunch. Bun Kho from our fave vegan place, green tea, Vietnamese iced coffee and sweet potato fries!

Cute bag

Yep - thats just under $0.30 for a cup of bubble tea

So sweet!

My last to do list in Vietnam

Saying goodbye to our fave vendors - Sticky Rice and Chicken

Saying goodbye to our fave vendors - Popcorn!

Last Meal - Bot Chien

Bot Chien place

Last night in Can Tho - At 1985 coffee

Last night in Can Tho - At 1985 coffee

Last late night snack in Can Tho - grilled candied squid, baby onions, shrimp corn, and small shelled things

Crazy night on the street. The cops showed up because apparently street vending is illegal. Who knew?

James riding his bike - Vietnamese style! lol